Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Menace to our Green

How Brazil should accept help from other countries without let them take a piece of the Amazon.

It's now often to see some "big shot" or a great authority discussing about saving the amazon, or to preserve the most important green area that still exist on the world, or even that it's a huge area and the Brazilian government hasn't shown efficiency to stop the level of the deforestation, or to stop the smuggle of wood out of borders of the country. The accusation of acting too late after the things happen is right now spreading all around the great countries and considering the amazon as a matter of international policy.

The amazon is a huge area and the good thing about is - not well explored, which is not a bad thing after all, there are a lot of species overthere with no contact to human kind. Discoveries are made little by little, pretty much because of the access dificulty, the forest and the whole animals for some part of scientist must stay right there, respecting their evolutions and the right time to be revealed. Others pledging for help to discover as many as it can, because the progress won't be patient enough to let them evolute.

Just a few days ago, pictures made by a Brazilian agency shown a group of native indians who haven't any kind of contact with the modern world. The indians with the body painted with collors extracted by specific trees threating the chopper with narrows, almost like they were scared with what they've seen for the very first time. The images captured right now in every country of the world, explains how unexplored the region is and how diligent must the Brazilian government act in the defense of their own interest and from other countries as well.

The candidate for the democrat party, Barack Obama declared in a local jornal that: "Amazon is a global patrimony". Most part of the Brazilian government and the most nationalist understood that the statement was a possible intervention of the US policy on Brazilian homeland issues. It's not what it seems. After that, Obama explained how important the Amazon is to the world and that must be on the agenda of any government that cares with the enviroment.

Well, It's not that much as well, to buy a huge area of the amazon is quite easy, and some billionaires have done, not a long time ago, a sweeden entrepeneur was considered guilty for Brazilian authorities to acquire a huge area and implant a program of saving plants and reforestation. The officials said that he hasn't been doing any of this for a while and will pay millions to repair the damages.

The former secretary for enviroment issues, Marina Silva asked to leave the government because she felt she wasn't good enough to implant her actions to fight againts the smuggle or the burn of huge areas for farming or the increase of the growing of cities at the region. The government choosed to put a name that will work in favor of the agenda and. So far, there are no expectations of reducing or the stop the smuggle or the deforestation, it's a shame but right now, not only the government bur the Brazilian people have to understand that the Amazon is an international matters and a local respect.

Rafael Gomes