Monday, April 27, 2009

Nature and Enviroment

Are these two so tied up?

Have you ever noticed how delined most part of speeches concerned about enviroment issues are all so connected? Sometimes I get myself wondering wether it all of this come from. Kindness and sorrow for destroying and killing forest, waters drooling out from hoses, and some group of funky-trend-people, (a few of them are just worried about preserving but don't even know what the differences between nature or enviroment). Even scientist well-schooled, still faces some hardness trying to define it.

Just a couple weeks ago I was reading an article in a journal. An alert about the whole trend adopted by some countries, just to sparkle (and I mean that) in front of others abour their actions in a way to perserve it. As a matter of fact not even those well-intentioned guys are completely right at all. Hearing out some big shot, from a counrty saying that to save our enviroment is a better way to future generations find a place to live, it's not even slighly a real truth

Example: change car for a bicycle, or green energy, sustainable sources, acting like that instead of doing what you and I regularly do, or randomly, would probably better our way of living. Behind of that, there are too much that it meets the eye, and just like others who I keep talking about that it is a better way to renew the capitalism, find some better way to sell a product with a respectfull dutty to our enviroment.

And what kind of enviroment we are all trying to save it? Forest? Jungles, Green, Water, Air? is that all? and what about cities?! to perserve out there just show us how distant we are all from. Even the word Nature, defending for all us with a pure and romantic vision of fields, waterfalls and birds flying around and a blue sky. why facing that we still idealize How we want the nature to be, but we aren't nearly close to face the reality.

That's why I'm still worried about the whole discussion about saving our planet. How do we save what we idealize? I think that if we don't get back to our origins, to rescue a past that are still in all of us, specially us from Brazil, at the same time, blessed ofr all the resources we have but also doomed by a colonization interested to take it out. We've herded but can't even give a damn deal. Children, youngers, olders... have the enviroment as a worry but, a big number of that, can't do anything to really save, including me.

I guess it is time to do something or I'll just agree and become a passive outline of a greenpeacer.

Rafael Gomes