Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fearing the Fate

There's no secret that US is no longer the untaimed superpower which stares its eyes on our planet. Sometimes when you watch the cable or logging in into a website, all the headlines and breaking news are constantly saying something about the real state market that is colapsing or the military soldiers, always pushed to their limits and ended up exceeding their functions, immigrant laws that breaking up families, having officers dodging their spaces.

Demonstrations such as this are some good examples of why the rest of the world learned how to hate america. the old-fashioned figure of the Uncle Sam watching over the world seemed like a product of a past that no longer exist..Perhaps this point of view are only seeing what the world could see throughout the first decade of 21th century. How people gets shocked while buildings were melting down, or angered, thinking that it would be a better choice entering into a war that dragged into a hole almost impossible to leave it.

Educational rates are declining, for decades people from all over the world (who could afford it) save up their moneys and project their path to US expecting to get a masterdegree or becoming a P.H.D. in assorted colleges through the whole country. Early 60's and 70's, the high level of students coming to US to study and working giving to them the possibility to form their lives at the country with no worried of getting banned of there ( a reality that scares most part of people right now), but point to other important thing: levels of education improvements to the american students are falling down, public schools are now dealing how to work with less investments at the schools and how to motivating childrens to learning.

Health Care system always known by applying high prices to most part of companies such as GM or GE, which can not stand their bills on america, GM specially have a double problem: dealing with the high prices to pay the retirement of old employees and also sell their vehicles to a world that doesn't want to spend more fuel (American cars usually spends litters of oil) and the competition with foreign companies such as Hyundai.

Entertaining Industries worldwide known, Hollywood, the "dream making" place...Not too long ago it was almost impossible to watch movies produced by other countries even here in Brazil or elsewhere, including US as well. A monopoly which have been forced to let the movies to come to the country and also fight against the copies. Piracy recording yearly gives to Hollywood a debt of billions of dollar, and it doesn't seems to stop.

A lot of problems as it could see, but still... there's something about it that can turn the table in favor of them, cultural tendencies and trademarks are surrounding our houses whereever you go or even the gadgets we use, the more we think that US is getting down, the more resiliant ones insist on believing.

Rafael Gomes

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Outbreak the System

Regarding the situation, It is reasonable that our government could take some actions to prevent that such things can happen. Unfortunately the reality still seems to play some tricks that even the most prepared can't expect for, and it is pretty much what is happening, We are now being forced by the time, to get into a dialogue with some other governments that we... kinda "step aside" not too long ago.

Why of this? Breakout of the transport systems, factories and industries besides our energy as well are running out and the risk of another blackout across the whole country cause some chills at the spine of those who are on command, if we don't get into a conversation as quick as possible, another blackout could bring a catastrophic disaster to the Labor Party and, to the president as well.

During almost 10 years the government gave total support to those who wanted to swap fuels or adding another to their private vehicle, ethanol and the VNG (Vehicle Natural gas) are now on a good part of the fleet of vehicles in Brazil. It is specifically the VNG that concerns most part of the members of government. After a well-succeeded support, right now they are seeing themselves in a very hard position, trying to reduce the consumption of vng. Its almost like giving a shot on its own feet.

The conversations with the most important producer in south america, Bolivia were retaken, a window was open up widely "at least" so far and a possible crisis of supplying can be slighly controlled. About a couple weeks ago, the Petrobras had announced the discovery of a now basin of oil that can make Brazil to be a possible member of the OPEC, of course, if the level of investments keep constant and the research in new technologies to be increased.

Rafael Gomes

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Praising Media Gadgets

When the new models of technology gadget are available at markets, the message within is that it will bring out some solutions to our daily problems and turn our lives in a better way of living. The adversiting use to remark some sparkling advantage to make the device always brilliant and inovated than what it really is.

Ipods, itunes, mp4's and all assorted devices that use to promisses us the heaven of sharing and self-entertaining gadgets are considered by many users, as a hell to configure or to listen a music. totally full of functions or new "trends" that can confuse much more than help out the user.

Besides the whole consequences, we can see ourselves, kinda pushed to see and buy all these devices and believe that it will really help to turn our lives in a very easy way than what it use to be before we have it, the advertising can explain this by telling that "we have a desire for it, but we didn't know"

How long have we lived our lives without the cell phone? or watching our tv shows and with we've missed that won't have a computer or any specific website to seek the program. or even the notepads using the old pen. the technology is a process that change almost everything around us. How deep are we prepared to face the times to come?!

As soon as you get older, the interest for eletronic gadget gets reduced by the time, maybe because when you are older you still miss the contact with others. In England, not too long ago, the modern system of automatic cashes have been changed by the old system, when you have the attendant giving the money and being nice "or not" with you.

That's why we all don't need to follow the flow... we should spend more time by enjoying the contact with others instead of getting locked up on a room and start a relationship by a screen. it all gonna change when the time goes by.


Rafael Gomes

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Twisted History

How greatful should we feel to have a country which seems to be incapable to solve minimum problems. The sightseeing for a tourist praising the view right up the state at Rio shines always brighter than the blood of the poor people.

It is almost no secret for everyone the hard conditions which assorted sectors of important institutions of Brazil have to go through lately, what do bothers me specially is...myself! Me as a native Brazilian stand in front of the reality and I realized that I haven't done anything to twist someone's life somehow.

Sometimes it get's frustrating to face the truth right next door. To give some help, to shake hands, To listen the hardness of our equals and compare our lives to them. This is not only my reality but for too many others who knows exsactly what to do but it looks like harder to change our place in benefit of others

Last Night I watched a movie Called: "Elite Squad" Which basicaly tells a history of a captain who gets tired of facing drug dealers or killers, to clean up the mess that most part of "richies" used to do when messing up with them. The movies spends most part of time telling how it works the estructure of the police in Rio and How the system works to keep working the system. A problem generate maybe more than a century ago.

And likely, still finds no solution in a short time, Why? Because there's no interest on turn things better, the main reason is underneath the skin, the culture embraced by our people for 500 years shaped ourselves into this. it's always easier to gamble the destiny of those who can't afford the bet. We bring this with our old ones though.

These are things that carry some sorrow, but why feel sorrow if we directly insist on follow the flow. As long as the reality stares our doors, there will be no future for our country.

Rafael Gomes

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

¡El Mayor Y el Perfecto!

En esta semana, el presidente de Brasil, Lulla da Silva comenzará su camino para visitar algunos paises de America Central. En busco de desarrollar sus proyectos de una integracíon más efectiva con Mercosul y nuevos socios. Una medida que visa mejorar el fluxo de mercado entre el sur y los paises de America Central.

Uno de ésos paises, seguro es Mexico, la tercera más grande economía del continente Americano. Mexico fue por muchos años un país muy descuidado por su local. La frontera con E.E. U.U. hay confirmado un bueno negocio pero con onus pesados. En las decadas de 80 y 90, las industrias maquiladoras se colocaran como los fuertes en productividad y empleo para el pueblo más necesitado.

En 1994, Mexico, E.E.U.U. y Canada formaran lo más importante conglomerado comercial de las americas. El NAFTA ayudó mucho a Mexico cómo reconstruir su economía y mejorar algunos niveles de desarrollo con la pobreza y aumentar el sueldo de la gente.

La intencion del presidente brasileño se muestra muy clara: Tener mejores socios y mercado. Desarrollar intercambios en cualquier clase de tecnologia. Pero, el punto es: ¿El México estaría interesado sobre ensamblar Mercosul que tendrá Venezuela como "socio posible"?

Honduras tambien es un possible socio para el Mercosul. El presidente del país hay mostrado muy receptivo a la idea de desarrollar inversiones en tecnologia por los hidrocarburos y especialmente, cambiar su matriz de energía de sus coches del gas al etanol

Ahora es la hora de torcer para que el gobierno haga los intereses de su gente y no se muestra lo primo más rico de sudamerica.

Rafael Gomes

Thursday, August 02, 2007

An Outlook over the Limit

Wrecks of an airplane busted by an explosion use to cause a huge impact when the images arrive to us by the television. The tragic event occurried a couple weeks ago was a plus to stablish what most part of brazilians and other passengers from all over the world already know: Our skies haven't ever been so dangerous.

The situation right now seem to be the last opportunity to fix the mistakes constantly made by our former politicians, unfortunately the actual government don't give the respect to the victims nor to the situation itself. The lack of responsibility force them to act just to repair minimum defects. An usual resource to make all of us a fool.

Public figures such as the president and the assessors must stand for the people. the television has showed assessors bumping and swinging while they were watching the television with the alegation of celebrating the possible causes of the accident which could not be related to the government efficiency. There is some kind of shield that avoid any possible damage that may creat a scar on the figure of the president.

Meanwhile the middle class still fight homeric battles to get the flight to their houses or having their meetings on schedule. The air companies are now saying they are gonna rise the price of the tickets which could bring other consumings for the population that continues to suffer in the halls of the terminals.

An attempt to decrease the level of flights of the Congonhas Airport in Sao Paulo, the Local politicians are thinking on the possibility to disposses goods from a lot of people. For sure, they're forgetting about the countless civil actions against the state.What certainly will motivate others to look forward to get a large amends. Or the inevitable exit: To build another airport on the limits of Sao Paulo.

Too bad we have to get what we all need right after a tragedy.

Rafael Gomes

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Limelight for the Strike!

During 200 years of history, labors from all over the world have been consumed by fatiguing hours of work and absolutely no conditions of doing properly their functions because of the awful environment they were forced to submit. Not only workers but even childrens were exposed to rotten holes to gain a few bucks and fight for some scraps of meat out in the street. Situation that "touched the heart" of members of the church making them thinking a little more to the population and for the exhausting hours of work.

And the church throughout the years standed its position (fortunately) in favor of the labors, their needs were legitimated by most part of social movements because of the grieving and the agony of having their rights constantly disrespected for the owners of factories, or companies. So, it has begun the fight for better conditions of work, living, and well-being of the citzen. The Strike was a resource to be used against the owners to force them to negociate, something healthful for those who living in a Democratic State.

In Brazil the strikes have came with the modernization of the industrial field of the country and reached the top in the 70's, most part helped by the crisis of oil and the repressor enviroment that were taking control of the country which... lead up to the actual president claim the power. Being raised and have fought for the rights of labors, it wouldn't be surprise to see him giving total support for them, but the situation right seemed more complicated than it meets the eye.

Several attemptives of privatizing companies and departments controlled by the government trying to reduce the "super-size" of the Brazilian state is not pleasing most part of the labors. Many categories are now on strike pledging for the same needs the former labors fought over and over: Increasing salaries, better conditions of work, etc..

The Whole background I have exposed over here was to simplify that only labors (protected by law) are legitimated to do strikes. Right now, students from the local public college declaring strike supporting other categories, trying to bring more students to support their claims. I totally agree with the claims However, the process that was made to validate the strike can be questionable...due to not respecting rights embraced by our constitution. but that's not the time to point the fingers in these or those. We have to stand in favor of the students respecting those who are suffering in both sides.

Politic and Diplomacy walk on together

Rafael Gomes

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Our leftists are better "flip flops" than others

Stonishing moments throughtout the past year and the beginning of this, where great nations are now facing a new era, where the politicions are attempting to become more central than choosing one way or another. I guess, primarly because this kind of ideology still force us to bring back to life some values from old systems of government where, to be conservative could mean that those who considered to be, have a tendency to be more regionalist than progressive and vice-versa.

The recent elections in Europe, specificaly in France have shown me that the social democracy are now steping back, which is something at my point, good to see because the state and all the elements within could "colapse" the structure of the model of state after the 70's. I'm not talking about the well-fair state but the vigilant, that one which conduces the economy and the guardian of the modern democrat state.

There are some rumors about Sarcozy much more of it because of the statements he gave while issued about the wave of riots in France in 2005, on the time, he called them of: "punks and skunks" pretty much close from other candidate, Le Pen who is tradicionaly known for the despize for foreigner communities in France. after the elections, Sarcozy seemed to be a pragmative politician, not being populist or using speechs in favor of an idea of government. His contender, Róyal was on his back most part of the time, not because of her ability as a poltician but her promisses when previously analyzed, could maintain France without any perspective of growing. Something that Sarcozy intends not to do, Unfortunately I do not expect him to make the reforms of his plataform of government to be accomplished. Labor and Retirement are issues that should be discussed seriously and as quick as possible and I don't think he could have guts enought for that.

We could use the current events on France as somekind of landscape to see how their politicians are dealing with this issues. Not socialist or centrist, A politician must have ideas and not being totally faifhful to what the party has to say. I don't think our President totally free to stabilish what he would have in mind (which, is something quite good actualy) but to rule a country is a challenge of pacience and strongness on its own ideas, to see what will be better to the people and for the country not for one class or other. To bad our revolucionaries change their thoughts for some bucks.

Rafael Gomes

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pour La Langue Française

Salut Mons ami

Pourquoi il est dur??
ne dite pas que'écoutent quelqu'un que parle français est étrange?
Je peu parler un peu du français parce qu'était quelque chose que j'ai voulu faire y plus important pour le future, non seulement dans le passé, mais à l'avenir, le future!!

J'ai eu pour apprendre Français parce a semblé très difficille mais, le recomend, vous à essayer au moins, une fois. C'est très magnific!

Au revoir!!

Rafael Gomes

Monday, March 19, 2007

An environment Issue

The 21st century has come with a significant issue to treat on. How long can the planet stand with the constant use of assorted kinds of elements that bring serious consequences to the world and to the economy itself. The abusive usage of radioactive elements and polution combined to the carbon monoxide spitted out from our cars are little by little destroying ourselves.

Most part of this I think, all of you already know. The good news is: Finally (??) US has decided that the environment issue right now is a state policy and what better way than start decreasing its dependency of fossil fuels, after the current events on Iraq and desperate claims of the scientific community that US needs to reduce most part of the emission of toxic gases. The whole ecologic wave brings out a new hope for future generations and a decent status at the international community as well.

More important than searching for status, right now the US government has to run out and increase the researches for new kinds of Fuel, such as Ethanol. (something which fortunately us, Brazilians, do understand properly) and what is really motivating his visit to Brazil right now. Bush is trying to reduce for at least for 20% of the whole fleet of vehicles and the drivers to swap gas to the ethanol or using both untill 2017. Quite ambicious I think but to give its first step seemd to be much harder than deal with the challenges to come.

There is also a "non-revealed" issue which for sure, must be discussed while his presency over here: the meetings for a free trade between Brazil and USA. Considering that there is no more possibilites for the "ALCA" right now. I think that Both presidents must start discussing this and specially for Brazilians, To stop with this Anti-American Agenda, copying other countries with this Bullshit.

Concerning about the Ethanol It would also help a lot, if the government could stay away as much as they can. Why? there are problems with the tax customs but, if the producers of the Ethanol could participate from the decision it will benefit much more our country instead of let the government to run the whole negotiations.

Rafael Gomes