Sunday, December 28, 2008

Adorable Cruzade

An everlasting agony through a single night

Christmas and the holidays time off, usually concentrates families inside of their homes, sharing gifts and say words of wishfull thinking for the year to come.A tradition that keeps being renovated as soon as the new generations are introduced to the old man with a red outfit who spread values of joy and gifts to all the children across the world in a rush which envy most of the cab drivers.

It's so beautiful to see a kid praying at night, being quiet and having a good behavior in an year just to one night be awarded by Santa with something that they want at most. I remember when I was a kid the happiness when I got those "LEGO" toys and I played all along, thinking that life just coudn't get any better than that. but as time goes by, fortunately you start realizing the real value of Christmas and the New Years celebration.

Religion explains that we just should focus the celebration as the birth of Christ. These values are now little by little melting apart. While younger, I used to see churches filled up, all the streets used to be empty and stores remained closed till dawn of the next day. In just a short time, the needs that people used to have 20, 30 years ago are just not the same as we find right now, for a good reason: The city can't stop as much as the progress

However, the Christmas still is a party for the family. but the celebration of the New Years motivates millions all over the world. and even different cultures celebrates the date. People from China or Jewish sparkling fires at the sky at night Helding their hearts with hope for the new year and, hopefully that it can be better than the one that was left behind.

I own a vote for those whom keeps working hard at the night while billions are celebrating. Journalist, artists, Medics, Fireman, Police and others that turn possible at least that we can party peacefully. Expectations we all have, what still is hard to predict is what it's gonna happen after!

Tiddings of confort and joy to everybody
and Happy Holidays

Rafael Gomes