Thursday, October 30, 2008

The more wise, worse!

Why both candidates of US Presidency still act like others?

The race is coming to an end, within less than 20 days, America and abroad would finally know who is going to be the next one to live at Pensylvania Avenue, n. 1600. Not too long ago, it would be considered as the guy who would have the key to controll the world. But, just like I keep writting here over and over. These days are no longer exist. Well, even if both candidates could do some kind of miracle which, is pretty impossible

Barack Obama is a wise guy, has a very great appeal and know how to speech. he drives thousands of people crazy by saying words of activism and the need of rebuild the confidence. The reason for being an American. Somebody who were trained to implant this idea on everybody's mind. During all the debates, Mr Obama shown a great capacity of building itself and creating a tatic of being defensive and accompling his contender to someone who was not giving "shit" on the last debate.

What really comes up to our eyes is his wife. Michelle Obama seems to be someone that keeps their feet underground. A charming lady with very strong positions. She definately doesn't seem that she would be the ordinary first Lady. A lawyer that took most part of her carreer doing social services for the hopeless and.a very determinated woman. At least these are mine impressions about her

Couldn't say that much to his vice-president, Joe Biden. Although most part of the democrats say that he is a very talented guy, He hasn't shown at least, so far that he can really be a smart choice for Obamas government. However He got skills to develop if they get the elections.

Otherwise, John Mcain counts on his history to enforce its position. With the speech of being the most prepared to be the next president or calling the americans to see his past and took their on conclusions to expect what would be the future with him as the next president. John Mcain maybe, is one of the most liberals of the republicans.Tradicionally, the candidates of the party are all believers.. people with a strong faith.

The background that might be force to John is Mr Bush, But, having the economy colapsing and with the retrospect of doing abusive mistakes, like Iraqs war or alot of others. Won't help a lot to bring some voters for him. Reason that could be a great advantage for Obama. His candidate for the vice-president is Sarah Pallin and she calls much more atention. Known for saying things with absolutely no sense at all. Most part of the "Big Shots" don't give total credit to her. Wait and See!

Attacking a candidate for not being very experienced for the job, or looking for some dirty stamps on others shirt always were their ways to win the battle.Wether is right or wrong,It's away beyond for me to analyse it.

The pools show that Obama is leading the race but it is hard predict who's gonna be. Americans used to be very conservative but the enviroment claims for a change, as quick as possilbe. Whoever gets the presidency will face a real different world.

Rafael Gomes