Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Money: Weapon of choice?

Chasing profits, trading spaces, selling or buying whatever possible. It seems almost unthinkable that most part of the human beings already lived their lives without having the company of a currency that guide our lives in modern ages. What becomes the main reason for attack the capitalism and the evolution of thinking the way we treat the currency and how wonderful would be our life living in a place where a piece of paper woudn't worth anything at all.

Science such as Anthropology and Sociology try to explain that what did motivate the people to trade their things would answer precisely some main goals. The need of living together and build a social structure that at the same time could protect them form attacks of other humans or animals and also, find a way that could maintain substancially the life in a primitive society. the model looks very simple, but it helps to understand what lead the human society to loose their minds, specially if you live in a country where consumption is law.

The recent events throughout the world share the same view for those who barely can't figure out what to do..The financial crisis have spreaded all around and affects our lives differently. A homeless or an unemployer that can afford to pay the bill of its mortgage in US don't have the same feeling that a normal unemployer from Brazil. A global society at the same time, share the worries but even so, some delays of their effects, thankfully, can be healed as soon as the symptoms come clear.

Still we haven't left the word money out of our day. I'm not praying a speech that go straight ahead againts the principles of capitalism or the life in a a society such as what I and we all live. But it is time to use the money in a veyr intelligent way that can help brilliant minds to prevent or even stop problems in all other societies and in the meantime, build a self-sustainable economy capable to find other alternatives to live, without getting ourselves so connected to some straps of paper.

Meanwhile, people from other poor countries, in Central America and in Africa, still can't achieve a dollar to survive another day. Authorities and Personalities keep doing their talk of saving the poors buy minimizing the problem, with food or money. At once, being questioned if only money would help to vanish the porverty in Africa, an important CEO of a company said. "would only turn some dictators evn richier". And He's got the point.

Karl Marx and the whole fetishism about the capital and how to obtain it, can explain why these straps of paper move our lives in a way that just couldn't stop thinking of it. The more you have, the more you want it. I guess that if we drag our desires to some necessary things, like health or education.. we would still think about money. but would definately stop thinking about living life because of money.

Rafael Gomes