Friday, August 29, 2008

An Awful Remedy

Why the new global situation can be the main excuse for military actions.

Despite most part of the experts constantly have said, the 21st century would be a marc of the human glory (politicaly and economicaly). The century has come with challenges that still would be easely found two, three hundred years ago. like, eliminate the poverty, fight against plagues and deseases that still keeps spreading all over the world, like aids. and , Fighting for lands, which seems to be the reason for a running to get fully armed.

In fact, to fight for lands use to walk on side by side with the human evolution since the very beginning. Thousand years ago, civilizations such as Romans and Persians abandoned their regions and leave, searching for lands (and taxes) creating an efficient enviroment of sustainability of its regime. And it worked, but, only before they use their legions to slaughter another thousands for its own good.

What there is behind all of this? Nicolas Machiavel, (The Princip) an important figure of the renaissance guide us through a cruel and dfinitive reality of the man while he is on the power. That the fight for power is the main "colera" that bring down kingdons and states. Evil and Kindness is just a point of view to prevent the result that most part of humans, want in its subconscious. Indeed, that would be reasonable if you relate this psychological phrase to what happened on differente countries nowadays.

The first years of the 20th century were important to the configuration of the contemporary world. the years that preceded the first world war were generaly good economicaly. But the production was filling up the storages, there was no market enough to sell their products at the edge, countries like England and Germany went out for a running, seeking for countries, elsewhere, Africa an Asia was at the sight. Realizing that, other countries would easily take away countries that would be consumer of their products, The murdered of Archduke Ferdinand was just the drop on the ocean, to start the war.

As much as what happened on the world war I, the world war II, the seeking for market was melting up former relations between countries. Quckly, Nazism and Fascism were spreading their values through the countries and the mind of people. People who were totally confident on their actions. Big Constructions could build up their countries, places where inflation and production were bringing down their economy and their faith.

In History, moments of total desperation use to be those moments where the military actions appear, then privations of liberty and expression followed by death and silence. an enviroment that the whole south america had to deal with between the 60's to the 80's. Althought having military components can seems to be a chaos for the democracy, in south America the 70's would be remembered as the decade of the miracle. The economy had an impulse and countries such as Brazil and Chile had a grown of 10% an year.
That is an Awful medication, but, Would the Military Forces capable enough to implant peace and stablish a good enviroment for the development? The 90's and the beginning of the 21st century has come with a challenge. To overcome old values that are still considered good to pacify danger places and also, deal with the new global reality. To Face and unkown enimy and be smart enought to always be ahead of it.

Rafael Gomes

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