Sunday, November 22, 2009

Foggy Future?

Brazil Prepares to welcome Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

It is expected to next monday, nov. 23rd, the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to visit Brazil for the very fist time. A visit that has been announced since early year and obviuslly will take most parte of nightly news throughout the week. Ahmadinejad is now coming to Brazil after an invitation made by President Lulla in 2008 to increase the relationship between both countries.

Brazilian foreign policy is building a real wide road into the international world. by picking assorted kinds of market that includes, African countries, Asian and east Europe, with a very logycal goal - To decrease the level of dependency from the richest countries seeking for other places and tradding with them have oppened a giant universe of possibilities, not only for traddings but international policy as well.

By taking some actions in Haiti, or claimming constantly a chair at the Security council at UN, or being a "star" at the reunion of the richest countries. it is no longer to see Brazilian presency inside of most part of gathering worlwide. what is really necessary to know is if this kind of "behavior" could qualify it to be an important actor in the whole new scenario, besides the advances made in different kinds of sectos in Brazil.

Technology for example and bringing this issue to the visit of Ahmadinejad. Iran is totally away more advanced in techonology (missile specially) than Brazilian. But that's not the main issue to be treated in this visit. Beyond than that. and that's not just pure coincidence to welcome both prime minister from Isreael and the palestine in the same month. it is just a demonstration to try to balance the forces between the american administration and Europe to put some new answers at the question.

Dealing straightly to the peace treatment at middle east and being an important piece trying to solve the iran issues with nuclear weapons could definatly guide Brazil to be one of the big listed countries in the matter of foreign policy. The problem is. Would Brazil be ready for this responsabiity?

Time will tell
by now, let's just see the Persians

Rafael Gomes


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