Monday, March 19, 2007

An environment Issue

The 21st century has come with a significant issue to treat on. How long can the planet stand with the constant use of assorted kinds of elements that bring serious consequences to the world and to the economy itself. The abusive usage of radioactive elements and polution combined to the carbon monoxide spitted out from our cars are little by little destroying ourselves.

Most part of this I think, all of you already know. The good news is: Finally (??) US has decided that the environment issue right now is a state policy and what better way than start decreasing its dependency of fossil fuels, after the current events on Iraq and desperate claims of the scientific community that US needs to reduce most part of the emission of toxic gases. The whole ecologic wave brings out a new hope for future generations and a decent status at the international community as well.

More important than searching for status, right now the US government has to run out and increase the researches for new kinds of Fuel, such as Ethanol. (something which fortunately us, Brazilians, do understand properly) and what is really motivating his visit to Brazil right now. Bush is trying to reduce for at least for 20% of the whole fleet of vehicles and the drivers to swap gas to the ethanol or using both untill 2017. Quite ambicious I think but to give its first step seemd to be much harder than deal with the challenges to come.

There is also a "non-revealed" issue which for sure, must be discussed while his presency over here: the meetings for a free trade between Brazil and USA. Considering that there is no more possibilites for the "ALCA" right now. I think that Both presidents must start discussing this and specially for Brazilians, To stop with this Anti-American Agenda, copying other countries with this Bullshit.

Concerning about the Ethanol It would also help a lot, if the government could stay away as much as they can. Why? there are problems with the tax customs but, if the producers of the Ethanol could participate from the decision it will benefit much more our country instead of let the government to run the whole negotiations.

Rafael Gomes

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