Thursday, June 21, 2007

Limelight for the Strike!

During 200 years of history, labors from all over the world have been consumed by fatiguing hours of work and absolutely no conditions of doing properly their functions because of the awful environment they were forced to submit. Not only workers but even childrens were exposed to rotten holes to gain a few bucks and fight for some scraps of meat out in the street. Situation that "touched the heart" of members of the church making them thinking a little more to the population and for the exhausting hours of work.

And the church throughout the years standed its position (fortunately) in favor of the labors, their needs were legitimated by most part of social movements because of the grieving and the agony of having their rights constantly disrespected for the owners of factories, or companies. So, it has begun the fight for better conditions of work, living, and well-being of the citzen. The Strike was a resource to be used against the owners to force them to negociate, something healthful for those who living in a Democratic State.

In Brazil the strikes have came with the modernization of the industrial field of the country and reached the top in the 70's, most part helped by the crisis of oil and the repressor enviroment that were taking control of the country which... lead up to the actual president claim the power. Being raised and have fought for the rights of labors, it wouldn't be surprise to see him giving total support for them, but the situation right seemed more complicated than it meets the eye.

Several attemptives of privatizing companies and departments controlled by the government trying to reduce the "super-size" of the Brazilian state is not pleasing most part of the labors. Many categories are now on strike pledging for the same needs the former labors fought over and over: Increasing salaries, better conditions of work, etc..

The Whole background I have exposed over here was to simplify that only labors (protected by law) are legitimated to do strikes. Right now, students from the local public college declaring strike supporting other categories, trying to bring more students to support their claims. I totally agree with the claims However, the process that was made to validate the strike can be questionable...due to not respecting rights embraced by our constitution. but that's not the time to point the fingers in these or those. We have to stand in favor of the students respecting those who are suffering in both sides.

Politic and Diplomacy walk on together

Rafael Gomes


renata said...
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renata said...

I see eye to eye with you when you say that we must stay on the students side, but I do think that not only their strike have a good reason, but also it´s related to our law, they did that strike because there was no clean bathrooms nor people working on the library, and I ask you, how can someone study without books?!
Their strike begun because of other strike, the one that was (and still being) made by the people who works for the State.
So, in my point of view, they have all rights to do this strike, not only the students, but also the guys that work for the government.

*I think there are some English mistakes.. sorry for that! eheheh