Thursday, August 02, 2007

An Outlook over the Limit

Wrecks of an airplane busted by an explosion use to cause a huge impact when the images arrive to us by the television. The tragic event occurried a couple weeks ago was a plus to stablish what most part of brazilians and other passengers from all over the world already know: Our skies haven't ever been so dangerous.

The situation right now seem to be the last opportunity to fix the mistakes constantly made by our former politicians, unfortunately the actual government don't give the respect to the victims nor to the situation itself. The lack of responsibility force them to act just to repair minimum defects. An usual resource to make all of us a fool.

Public figures such as the president and the assessors must stand for the people. the television has showed assessors bumping and swinging while they were watching the television with the alegation of celebrating the possible causes of the accident which could not be related to the government efficiency. There is some kind of shield that avoid any possible damage that may creat a scar on the figure of the president.

Meanwhile the middle class still fight homeric battles to get the flight to their houses or having their meetings on schedule. The air companies are now saying they are gonna rise the price of the tickets which could bring other consumings for the population that continues to suffer in the halls of the terminals.

An attempt to decrease the level of flights of the Congonhas Airport in Sao Paulo, the Local politicians are thinking on the possibility to disposses goods from a lot of people. For sure, they're forgetting about the countless civil actions against the state.What certainly will motivate others to look forward to get a large amends. Or the inevitable exit: To build another airport on the limits of Sao Paulo.

Too bad we have to get what we all need right after a tragedy.

Rafael Gomes

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