Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Twisted History

How greatful should we feel to have a country which seems to be incapable to solve minimum problems. The sightseeing for a tourist praising the view right up the state at Rio shines always brighter than the blood of the poor people.

It is almost no secret for everyone the hard conditions which assorted sectors of important institutions of Brazil have to go through lately, what do bothers me specially is...myself! Me as a native Brazilian stand in front of the reality and I realized that I haven't done anything to twist someone's life somehow.

Sometimes it get's frustrating to face the truth right next door. To give some help, to shake hands, To listen the hardness of our equals and compare our lives to them. This is not only my reality but for too many others who knows exsactly what to do but it looks like harder to change our place in benefit of others

Last Night I watched a movie Called: "Elite Squad" Which basicaly tells a history of a captain who gets tired of facing drug dealers or killers, to clean up the mess that most part of "richies" used to do when messing up with them. The movies spends most part of time telling how it works the estructure of the police in Rio and How the system works to keep working the system. A problem generate maybe more than a century ago.

And likely, still finds no solution in a short time, Why? Because there's no interest on turn things better, the main reason is underneath the skin, the culture embraced by our people for 500 years shaped ourselves into this. it's always easier to gamble the destiny of those who can't afford the bet. We bring this with our old ones though.

These are things that carry some sorrow, but why feel sorrow if we directly insist on follow the flow. As long as the reality stares our doors, there will be no future for our country.

Rafael Gomes

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