Sunday, November 18, 2007

Praising Media Gadgets

When the new models of technology gadget are available at markets, the message within is that it will bring out some solutions to our daily problems and turn our lives in a better way of living. The adversiting use to remark some sparkling advantage to make the device always brilliant and inovated than what it really is.

Ipods, itunes, mp4's and all assorted devices that use to promisses us the heaven of sharing and self-entertaining gadgets are considered by many users, as a hell to configure or to listen a music. totally full of functions or new "trends" that can confuse much more than help out the user.

Besides the whole consequences, we can see ourselves, kinda pushed to see and buy all these devices and believe that it will really help to turn our lives in a very easy way than what it use to be before we have it, the advertising can explain this by telling that "we have a desire for it, but we didn't know"

How long have we lived our lives without the cell phone? or watching our tv shows and with we've missed that won't have a computer or any specific website to seek the program. or even the notepads using the old pen. the technology is a process that change almost everything around us. How deep are we prepared to face the times to come?!

As soon as you get older, the interest for eletronic gadget gets reduced by the time, maybe because when you are older you still miss the contact with others. In England, not too long ago, the modern system of automatic cashes have been changed by the old system, when you have the attendant giving the money and being nice "or not" with you.

That's why we all don't need to follow the flow... we should spend more time by enjoying the contact with others instead of getting locked up on a room and start a relationship by a screen. it all gonna change when the time goes by.


Rafael Gomes

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