Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fearing the Fate

There's no secret that US is no longer the untaimed superpower which stares its eyes on our planet. Sometimes when you watch the cable or logging in into a website, all the headlines and breaking news are constantly saying something about the real state market that is colapsing or the military soldiers, always pushed to their limits and ended up exceeding their functions, immigrant laws that breaking up families, having officers dodging their spaces.

Demonstrations such as this are some good examples of why the rest of the world learned how to hate america. the old-fashioned figure of the Uncle Sam watching over the world seemed like a product of a past that no longer exist..Perhaps this point of view are only seeing what the world could see throughout the first decade of 21th century. How people gets shocked while buildings were melting down, or angered, thinking that it would be a better choice entering into a war that dragged into a hole almost impossible to leave it.

Educational rates are declining, for decades people from all over the world (who could afford it) save up their moneys and project their path to US expecting to get a masterdegree or becoming a P.H.D. in assorted colleges through the whole country. Early 60's and 70's, the high level of students coming to US to study and working giving to them the possibility to form their lives at the country with no worried of getting banned of there ( a reality that scares most part of people right now), but point to other important thing: levels of education improvements to the american students are falling down, public schools are now dealing how to work with less investments at the schools and how to motivating childrens to learning.

Health Care system always known by applying high prices to most part of companies such as GM or GE, which can not stand their bills on america, GM specially have a double problem: dealing with the high prices to pay the retirement of old employees and also sell their vehicles to a world that doesn't want to spend more fuel (American cars usually spends litters of oil) and the competition with foreign companies such as Hyundai.

Entertaining Industries worldwide known, Hollywood, the "dream making" place...Not too long ago it was almost impossible to watch movies produced by other countries even here in Brazil or elsewhere, including US as well. A monopoly which have been forced to let the movies to come to the country and also fight against the copies. Piracy recording yearly gives to Hollywood a debt of billions of dollar, and it doesn't seems to stop.

A lot of problems as it could see, but still... there's something about it that can turn the table in favor of them, cultural tendencies and trademarks are surrounding our houses whereever you go or even the gadgets we use, the more we think that US is getting down, the more resiliant ones insist on believing.

Rafael Gomes

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