Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Outbreak the System

Regarding the situation, It is reasonable that our government could take some actions to prevent that such things can happen. Unfortunately the reality still seems to play some tricks that even the most prepared can't expect for, and it is pretty much what is happening, We are now being forced by the time, to get into a dialogue with some other governments that we... kinda "step aside" not too long ago.

Why of this? Breakout of the transport systems, factories and industries besides our energy as well are running out and the risk of another blackout across the whole country cause some chills at the spine of those who are on command, if we don't get into a conversation as quick as possible, another blackout could bring a catastrophic disaster to the Labor Party and, to the president as well.

During almost 10 years the government gave total support to those who wanted to swap fuels or adding another to their private vehicle, ethanol and the VNG (Vehicle Natural gas) are now on a good part of the fleet of vehicles in Brazil. It is specifically the VNG that concerns most part of the members of government. After a well-succeeded support, right now they are seeing themselves in a very hard position, trying to reduce the consumption of vng. Its almost like giving a shot on its own feet.

The conversations with the most important producer in south america, Bolivia were retaken, a window was open up widely "at least" so far and a possible crisis of supplying can be slighly controlled. About a couple weeks ago, the Petrobras had announced the discovery of a now basin of oil that can make Brazil to be a possible member of the OPEC, of course, if the level of investments keep constant and the research in new technologies to be increased.

Rafael Gomes

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