Saturday, February 28, 2009


A matter of Conscience

After logging myself with books, surrounded by famous names from Henry Kissinger to others of Brazilian literacture as much as Machado de Assis or even Boris Fausto and Roberto da Matta. I could noticed how important our history is delegated to some straps of history and the model of education still applied on our schools are vintage. Pure elements of an olf-fashioned way of filling minds of childrens with tales of glory and heroism. However, Brazilian history could be traced by unlucky citzens whom wished much more than the truth, unfolding what should ever be hidden.

That's not a peculiar thing happened in our lands. I supposed that every trace left behind for some historical facts or most part of them are filled with misunderstoods.and due to those who win their lives, living the present figuring out what happend on the past, it is possible to visualize that what could be mantained as some universal true, could be questioned. What will books tell us within a hundred years about the holocaust or, the cold war, and so many other events of our present day.

What all of that has to do with diplomacy? absolutely everything. From pointing our portuguese lessons to calculate tax of investments or the new global movement after the crisis, or the political issues envolving global warming, alternative fuels,an ordinary day-by-day circle of people talking about economics or soccer or tradings and marketing. in some of their ways, there is something of diplomacy nearly the surface.

Betting with me that I couldn't mend the whole time losted by studios of my college. I could see how hard it its to pass in one of the most hardest contest of Brazil But I think I can get over that. As much as what diplomacy was made by: to overcome what seems to be impossible. To unite what was aparted.Althought sometimes still keeps away better to stay apart than get together. it is a challenge to be in contact to other countries with so many different peoples ina constant exchange, delivering and receiving culture in any way os aspects.

Praising the day when I can get pass the contest which, I hope that can't take that longer, I must keep roughling a battle with my own throubles with studios, college, and work. A carreer that still drive a lot of people because of its charming and high salaries is not all that glamour after all. working more thatn 10 ours a day, travelling throughout the day, weeks, in countries states. repairing possible damages done by brazilians (as much as the Brazilian case in Switzerland) or First scale authorities that mess up a great deal.

There are surely uncountable obstacles, But I feel totally ready to break all of them. Just wish It couldn't be that hard!

Rafael Gomes

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