Sunday, February 01, 2009

A Traditional Value?

Shopping Malls: An American Affair that will not fade away

If you ever had any thought about the american people. Shopping would be easily pointed as, probably, the very first thing that comes up to the mind of everybody else in the rest of the world. Worldwide known as a compulsive shoppers, it's not any surprise to see assorted kinds of trademarks and stores selling whatever thinkable - From eletronic gadgets, high tech stuffs or even, pure air.

In times of crisis, saving money seems to be one of the hardest thing to do, specially when you have a country which offers you credit cards with thousands of dollars limit, and a culture that motivates you to keep changing anything you got to something higher and better. no matter if you buy the last model of your GM today, you would be introduced to another model n the next day and stimulating the desire of getting something better, usually takes most part of the americans on a hole.

As I keep constantly saying here over and over, that is pretty much the main reason of why the american economy are melting out. Desire and possibility. Sometimes it looks like impossible to concieve that the whole world is now dragged to the edge because of the expenses provided by the market of good and Benefits of the US.

It's getting annoying to hear everytime on the news. That "X" Company fired thousands of workers or "B" bank declared bankruptcy. The way which most part of the news are stamped the situation, you start thinking that all the country is now lead to a time of darkness and people will be driven to fight with rocks to keep alive

Well, The landscape is not that bad after all (at least, so far), Shopping centers are still rising up. Indeed, there are a lot of malls that are closing their doors, or now becoming offices of companies. Besides all of that, they seems to be unstopable. There are nearly 1500 shopping malls working in US offering as I mentioned on the title, all kinds of service.

The new one? Marriage.. Odd?? Totally, but in some cities, you can get your marriage as quick as you get your meal at McDonalds. Who is the Blame? Capitalism or the church? One thing noone can deny. You will only find this in the US. A wishfull thinking for those whom are now getting married and also, enjoying some retails.

Rafael Gomes


Alessandra said...

Grande PLock nossa esse seu novo artigo falando sobre economia , consumismo de um modo geral tá mt bom viu?? Gostei da ênfase q deu a econômia americana e da forma como a cultura, moda, gastronomia desles são impostas em nossa sociedade, é como se fosse uma avalanche, como menos nos damos conta, pronto, cá estamos nós "parecidos" ou "querendo ser parecidos" com os americanos.
parabéns por todos os artigos viu???
Alessandra Nila

Aline Lisboa said...

entendi tudo!