Sunday, August 06, 2006

China: The Constant Energy Draft

Accepting the idea of US as some kind of Empire, shall the US step aside while its greater contender start spreading out its power, showing-off repeatedly that it's gonna be the Future? A signs of time that US is no longer the Empire (which played and still play the roll not that good actualy) of his Magnificence. The Dragon from the ortherside of the world is breathing its fire and burning out a lot of jobs not only in America but down here in Brazil as well.

What have we learned from the Old Empires? that was necessary to spread out our values and during the years creating the idea of a "unique" culture which would be the identidy of its society and repassed. Well we still have one of those unique cultures, (Pop culture is a good example, right?) but I'm really wondering to know: What If China take this idea out? Will the future generations act like we all do with the American culture?

Kinda introspective question but its relevance must be considered. The example of a poor guy, from the country side of Brazil, arriving at the first time in a Big city like Sao Paulo who hasn't seen a buiding before. For sure his eyes will be fascinated with the huge constructions everywhere he looks. Some times I feel the same way when I look steadily to China.

Althought it happens really fast. (China grows its economy for 27 years without dropping) The west model of development is facing the new China. Therefore, no matter who is gonna be the next richest country, the basic Model should be with huge skyscrapper, Corporative Banks, roads and traffic to drive you crazy.. Is it a good model of prosperity? This is the only thing we can not compete with China: Our Polititians are far away nastier than Them.

Concerning about the whole economic situation. US can't do much to stop this draft of energy from China. It is already enought to say that. US needs to refinance almost $ 2 billion dollar (a Day) the debts of the running account and most part of that comes from China which means: If China Breaks out, US come along as much as all of us.

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