Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Foreign Affairs - Brazil & Turkey Agreement

Iran and the old Odyssey

Although being a believer that Iran government has absolutely opposite strategies when it comes to say of Nuclear Energy. I can't deny the great efforts made by Turkey and Brazil to solve this question. With a great deal solution however, once again, it seems that for most part of world leaders it is better to dump efforts and act strongly instead of doing properly a new diplomatic-treatment.

I'm not giving points to the Brazilian and Turkish Administration by achieving this agreement, but more than that. they really fought roughly a batle that other nations were incapable to get. the UN Security Council still seems to apply sanctions rather than expose new international actors that could gamble a new deal, just like Brasil and Turkish did.

This article from the NY times try to explain what it's going on behind the scenes. I strongly recommend all of you readers to take look.

Rafael Gomes

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