Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Through the Borders of The Communication.

The influeneces of the Social Networks into our lives

How far will go the possibilities of the Social Networks? I barely updated my blog just a few posts bellow trying to alert of the efects that, most part of the schollars are giving an overlook of the whole new scenario. Is it bad after all? No, again, it is just a few points that it's bothering me. people keeps constantly saying that social networks will increasingly high our standard levels and offering an assorted kinds of services that nothing seems to bring any damage.

However, sometimes I think I'm the only one who sees some effects (small I must say) but not irrelevant. the problem to me is, the more you see the benefits, the more you loose your arguments. Just a few days ago, an expression making fun of a remarkable figure of the sports journalism in one of the worlds biggest television companies turns itself powerless in fornt of the impact of Twitter, and that's not an isolate case.

Right now, billions of people are making contacts, doing business, having fun, or even, trying to figure out what I'm trying to say over here. It's undeniable to see the power of the social networks in our lives nowadays. and now, it appears to me that a new kind of revolution is about to start. What would you think if I tell you that it's possible to have some classes at Twitter and Facebook? and even share all the information with everyone else?

A friend of mine, Eloy Vieira, just a couple months ago, updated his blog with an small text but, to me, cause me a great impact. The University of Washington is now providing classes for the students of Communication in Digital Media at twitter and other social networks. What all of this means is: No matter how far you are, you can learn fast, interact with your friends, and build up new standards of knowledge without dropping off your pants and got out of bed.

Is that a good way to learn? Time will tell. But, I've got interested so much that I'm gonna make an article about this!!

Rafael Gomes


Eloy Vieira said...

i wanna see your article as soon as possible.. by the way... i'm falttered haha

Anonymous said...

Só vou corrigir o título

Through the Borders of The Communication.

The influeneces of the Social Networks into our lives

Veja bem, comunicação é uma coisa específica, teoricamente. Independente da forma, escrita, oral, visual, comunicação é comunicação, portanto, NÃO se usa o artigo definido nesse caso.

Through the Borders of Communication seria o correto.

The influeneces of the Social Networks into our lives

Idem para Social network. Influence e Network deveriam estar no singular. INTO é preposição de movimento. Você não está usando verbo de movimento, então IN seria o correto.

The influenece of Social Network in our lives seria o correto.

Se vocÊ não se sentir ofendido, posso corrigir mais os seus textos. Sem cobrar nada, é claro.